Elizabeth Halfacre
  Figurative Collage Cover Stories Small Sanctuaries  

Artist’s Statement

“Memory impulsively reaches out and embraces imagination. We resort to invention out of necessity as the innate urge to locate truth always is.”

I Could Tell You Stories: Sojourns in the Land of Memory
–Patricia Hampl

My work is a combination of memory and imagination; my version of the past. Recognizing my personal symbols allows me to reveal their meaning. Recurring themes in my work are impermanence and imperfection, resilience, community and connection.

Although the sources for my portraits are personal, I'd like the viewer to identify with a time, a place, a mood or emotion. I invite introspection: a pose or a gesture, a landscape feature or an architectural element might remind the viewer of their own experience.

I use bookcovers, envelopes, houses and boxes as containers and framing devices but they also represent security—a means to enshrine and protect. Grade school and libraries were safe havens for me.

My process is evident in the physical qualities of the collage: I construct, deconstruct, layer images, papers and paint, sand and repaint allowing quirks and anomalies to remain. Rough surfaces, transparent layers and faded pages reference the past. My palette is subdued, compositions are stable, the scale of my work is intimate.

My inspirations are literature, vernacular art, Betye Saar, Romare Beardon and Larry Rivers. 

Artist's Statement